Painted Desert Inn

Painted Desert Inn

Built in the 1920s out of stone and petrified wood. The National Park Service took over the building in the 1930s and redesigned it in the Pueblo Revival Style. The Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) provided the labor to rebuild the inn.


Painted Desert Inn. Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona.


View from the veranda with the Painted Desert in the distance.


Punched tin light fixtures made by CCC workers.

Punched tin light fixtures made by CCC workers.


CCC made hand painted skylights using Navajo pottery designs.

CCC made hand-painted skylights using Navajo blanket designs.


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Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The CCC worked on several projects along with the WPA and the Emergency Relief Administration in what was then known as the Roosevelt Recreation Demonstration Area. Projects included roads, picnic shelters, campgrounds, and trails.

The CCC-built River Bend Overlook Shelter in the North Unit of the park provides views of the Little Missouri River and the Achenbach Hills.

Picnic shelter at the Juniper campground.